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Friend Support

You guys know – our business primarily revolves around supporting brides. And that’s a good thing…there are a lot of brides our there and they want help (right? :)). It’s a good thing.

But today isn’t about helping brides. It’s about helping a friend. And by friend – I mean that person who has built an awesome brand that I didn’t have to look very far to find in the interwebs when I first got engaged before I even got engaged and have followed ever since. Lord knows I’m not cool enough for this chick to know my name, blog or business – but I’m OK with that. I’m happy with being a part of her world through the looking glass. Nonetheless, she’s an important part of this industry and I’m sure all of your brides know her by name…Dana, Mrs. Meatball, Broke-$ss Bride. And oh yeah – that cute Fresh Hubby, too.

If you’ve been following her, you know she’s extra cool when she’s wearing an eye patch. She wears it not just because she’s on her way home from a costume party, but rather due to her multiple surgeries and eye appointments due to her chronic autoimmune diseases that have been wreaking havoc on her eyes.

So here’s the scoop.
We know we’re in a recession, we know there are a million places to give your money. But Dana needs us.

Dishing for Dana

Enter Dishing for Dana. She’s looking to raise a total of $22,000…

  • $13,000 to cover current medical bills
  • $7,000 to cover health insurance premiums for the remainder of 2011
  • $2,000 to donate to the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association toward helping others with autoimmune disease

How cool would it be to shower Dana with our love and totally overwhelm her with a response so big she can hardly keep up?!

She’s got some cool incentives…a fabulous comfort food cookbook, acknowledgment in the cookbook, love notes from Dana and Hunter, being pimped on her patch and even a personal rap from The Fresh Hubby!

And if you really can’t give even a $1 to this red-headed wondergirl, there’s other ways you can help…

  • Submit a recipe.
    Hand over the secret to your favort comfort food (any type of dish!).
  • Spread the word.
    Share the story and website with others. Blog, Facebook, Twitter, pigeon bird – whatever!
  • Donate your skills.
    Help out by giving of your graphic design, PR, layout, etc. prowess.

Read Dana’s original post here to learn more and DONATE.

If you don’t know anything about The Broke Ass Bride – check them out here and add her to your Google Reader. It’ll rock your world.