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Wedding Theme Wednesday – Country Chic

Lately I’ve been obsessed with country chic weddings. Maybe it’s the Iowa girl in me finally coming out? Anyway – I love the rustic feel with elegant touches. The juxtaposition of the two just melt my heart in a Harry Connick Jr. kinda way. 🙂 Country chic weddings are the perfect place to use mason jars, lemonade dispensers, burlap, baby’s breath and lots and lots of candles. Mmmm…

Wedding Wednesday – Bold & Spicy

Summer weddings call for bright, bold and spicy colors. Have fun and play with colorful dresses, flowers, decor and the like. A bold and spicy wedding means unique items such as non-traditional invites, fun favors and a party-like atmosphere all night long. Gather your fun friends, put your color palette to the test and get the margaritas rolling!

Bold and Spicy Wedding Theme

Left – by Julia Newman Photography via, Top right – The Knot, Middle Right – Bridesmaid Dress Show, Bottom right – Krielly Photo

Wedding Wednesday – Polka Dot Wedding

Nothing is as fresh, classic, fun and summery as polka dots! I love them – so cute, great in many colors and an easy motif to use throughout your wedding. From invites to signage, decor and even groomsmen ties…polka dots are easy to find, utilize in your wedding theme and keep things flirty and fun.

Polka Dot WeddingLeft top – Photo Card Chef, left middle – My Cleveland Wedding, left bottom – Fashion Z Home, Right – Leann Johnson Designs

Wedding Wednesday – Nautical Theme

Ahoy, Mate!

I have a deep love for everything nautical. So fresh, clean, classic and just plain lovely. You really can’t deny it, amirite? And as much as I dream of living in the Northeast, with the ocean smell filling my being…I don’t. But you can have a nautical wedding no matter where you live! The keys to this theme are definitely the little elements that make it feel like you’re in Maine. But it’s also mucho important to make sure that you’re giving the correct ambiance of “nautical” through your venue(s), food and decor. Bon Voyage!

Nautical Theme Wedding(Top L-R: Heather Parker,, AlannaHRose
Bottom L-R: Cuff Crazy, The Demoiselle, Perfect Bound Blog)

Wedding Themes Wednesday

It’s time to start a regular post that you can look forward to on a weekly basis – Wedding Themes Wednesday.

Now, don’t get me wrong – not every wedding has to have a theme. Don’t feel like just because your wedding isn’t completely centered on one key element that you’ve done it all wrong. TOTALLY fine! My wedding, for example, had no theme. *Gasp* I know right? I just chose colors, a feel and went with it and ended up with a black, white and green (Kate Spade green, to be specific :)) semi-formal springtime wedding. And it was fabulous.

Anyway – back to Wedding Themes Wednesday. Today we start with the ever popular…peacock theme wedding. Enjoy.

Peacock Wedding Board

(From upper left hand corner and clockwise: ShopzLot, HubPages, Wedding by Color, Katelyn James Photography)