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Bride Support – How to Support the Bride in Your Life


We’re in the business of supporting Brides. And we love it.

However – we know that we’re not the only ones that support every Bride who makes their way down the aisle.

The saying is true – it takes a village! Brides rely on many people to help them throughout their engagement and on their wedding day – and on the flip side, there are many people who are a part of their lives and want to be involved.

But how?

I’ll be writing a new mini-series called “Bride Support: (Insert Relationship)s Support Their Bride” that will help describe the best way for specific people in the Bride’s life to support her. Watch in the coming weeks for tips on how you can help out the special Bride in your life!

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Photo by Amelia Strauss, taken from

Even if you are a big fan of irony, you probably don’t really want rain on your wedding day – a la Alanis Morissette. So make sure you’ve planned for some back ups if you’re risking weather for your wedding. If you have any part of your wedding day planned to be outside – please plan an “in case” back-up.

A lot of venues that have outdoor options often also have an indoor option. Make sure it’s in your contract and discussions that if weather is not acceptable for the outdoor portion of the wedding, that they are keeping an indoor option available for you. Don’t be afraid to ask! Think through all of the things that could happen at your venue and make sure that it is what you want for your location (weather options, multiple weddings in one night, private/public, etc.).

Another huge thing to remember in terms of weather is your photo location(s). Even if you have already booked an indoor wedding and reception – make sure that you and your photographer have enough photo locations available to you away from the elements. If you’re looking for some other options than the venue itself, consider the following…

  • Art galleries
  • Libraries
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

With all of these types of locales – just give them a call ahead of time and tell them your scenario. Find a few spots near to your wedding location that have some fun, unique, fabulous areas/backdrops for photos. Talking with your photographer about where they’ve shot before or their opinion is a great idea. Most of these places would be glad to help out and may even want to use the photos by the photographer. Don’t be afraid to ask – having a back-up is very important!

Photo from Offbeat Bride

Abby & Arthur – 7/2/11

Abby & Arthur were a true joy to work with on their wedding from the beginning. After meeting them for the first time at our consult – I could immediately see how drawn to each other they both were and how excited they were as a couple for a special day to celebrate their love. Abby and Arthur put a lot of hard work into their day by completing lots of DIY projects to add to the uniqueness of their big day. It was so fun to see them all come together during set-up on their wedding day. Guests raved about the room’s decor all night and how sweet the ceremony was – especially since the couple’s dog was included as the ring bearer…tux and all! 🙂 Abby & Arthur also had a fun treat for their guests when their photographer set up an “un-photobooth” outside the room for guests to get their picture taken with fun props…always a hit!

The Line-up:

Abby & Arthur wrote the following review…

“Meredith from Bride Support is fantastic. We had heard from other couples that a day-of coordinator was a must, but now that I look back on it, I simply could not imagine my wedding day and the weeks preceding it without Meredith’s help. Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming process, and my fiance and I had most things lined up, but we definitely felt the crunch toward the end. Meredith really helped relieve our stress. From communicating with and organizing our vendors to doing a walk through of the ceremony and reception site, she was really with us every step of the way. We did a lot of DIY things, so it was also super helpful to have Meredith take those items off of our hands a few days before the wedding–one less thing to worry about transporting to the venue. She helped us create and finalize our day of schedule and remembered all of the tiny things that had slipped my mind in the process. I tend to be a control freak, but the day of my wedding I felt totally confident leaving things in Meredith’s hands…she really put all of those little final touches on things that made the venue look amazing. Meredith helped keep things on schedule throughout the ceremony and reception and made sure that the day was just as we wanted. Even my parents were blown away by all of Meredith’s amazing work. After going through the whole thing, I see how important it is to have that extra help, and as I said early, I could not imagine doing a wedding without Meredith. My wedding day was so stress-free, and I know that would not have been possible without Bride Support.”

Minnesota Wedding

(Adding overlays to the venue’s tablecloths helped add finesse to the tables and incorporate the Bride’s colors.
Table numbers were engagement pictures of the Bride & Groom with the table number printed on them in pretty frames.)

(LOVE the elegant, simple cake.)

(Tissue poms at each place settings, matching motif on the escort cards.)

(The outdoor amphitheater at Centennial Lakes is a gorgeous spot for Minnesota weddings.)

All photos by Jessica Kempen Photography.