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Free Wedding Advice this Friday!

Every bride has questions about her wedding. What’s yours?
Every bride needs expert advice. What are you confused about?

Are you confused about your day-of timeline?
Don’t know where to find the best priced overlays?
What should you do about your overbearing future sister-in-law?

Seriously, what about your wedding has been keeping you up at night?

Well, worry no more! Help is here!
This Friday, November 18, I’m offering FREE wedding advice. You will have 15 minutes to chat with me over the phone about all of your wedding questions that are spinning around your head. Let’s get you the help you need.

Send an email to to schedule your time.
Open times for me to call you are currently as follows…

                                      12p                                            1p
                                      12:15p                                      1:15p
                                      12:30p                                     1:30p
                                      12:45p                                     1:45p

You’ll have the opportunity to pick my brain for 15 minutes, about anything related to your wedding. And it’s totally free. It’s your 15 minutes of wedding planning.

Any questions? Email me at

Noon to Two.
Be There or Stay Baffled.

Making Your Wedding Yours

As a wedding planner, there is nothing that irkes me more than hearing brides question “Do I have to do (insert typical wedding tradition)???”

Of course not!!!

Brides – listen up. It’s simple, really – your wedding is just that…yours. No one is making you do anything, you don’t have to obey every typical “wedding industry” standard, your wedding doesn’t have to be like your mothers, or your sisters or your best friend’s.

(Image from

Sure – there are plenty of western-culture traditions that people have come to know and love at weddings. You’ve got your unity candle, your walk with your dad, your wedding cake, first dance and garter toss. But these aren’t rules are guidelines – they are just something that someone started at some point and everyone else thought they were fitting for their wedding as well.

Now, I’m a pretty traditional, classic girl. But even I know better than to make your wedding a copy-cat event and do things that don’t make your event truly represent you. Please don’t get caught up in the wedding industry “standars” and think you have to do all of those things. Find an alternative, don’t include it or do it because you love it (or your mother will disown you if you don’t – it may not be worth it!).

So here’s to weddings that reflect your true personality and values!


Personalized Wedding Websites – a “Do!”

(Image from

One of the greatest things that has come to the wedding industry in the past decade is hands down – personalized wedding websites.

I know plenty of people who run to the internet to find a couple’s wedding website when they first learn about a wedding being planned. It’s a great resource for your friends, family and guests to learn about you as a couple, your big day and get their questions answered.

I highly encourage brides to list their wedding website on their save-the-dates or an enclosure in their wedding invite which will lead guests to their site. Then, have a nice, full site that protrays the theme, formalness (or lack thereof) and style of the wedding. It’s super awesome to help your guests out by including a map, directions, registry links, tips about the area, etc. so that coming to your wedding is made easy for them.

Dependant on where you do your site through – you can add custom pages such as an RSVP form, song requests for the dance, a poll, honeymoon information and more! Have your website be in your wedding colors and let guests know any information that is pertinent like dress code, children, shuttle times, etc.

Wedding websites are becoming the norm in this technology-driven world that we live in…don’t be left in the dark!

What site is your wedding website hosted by? What information did you include to help your guests?

Your DIY Wedding

I was a DIY bride through and through. You should have SEEN my living room a month before my wedding. It was craft after craft, bags overflowing, half-done projects, etc. OVERTAKING my living space. It was out of control. But I loved it.

We made all of our paper suite (STDs, invites, menu cards, programs, escort cards, signage), church decor, centerpieces, out-of-town bags, reception decor, the list goes on and on! It was the perfect way to make our wedding unique – while saving a few bucks – and really making our wedding personal by having so much be home-made. We loves spending our Saturdays perusing stores for the perfect paper and making our projects just perfect.

But then I realized it. How on Earth was all of this going to get taken care of properly?

(From Style Me Pretty)

With so many “add-ons” and little things to set out, hang and place – there were a lot more things on the “to do” list on the wedding day. Sure – florists handle the flowers, musicians show up and play, the bakery brings the cake…those vendors handle themselves for the most part. But what about everything else?

That’s when I realized I needed a day-of coordinator.

Not only did I need someone to run rehearsal, keep people in line on the day of, help direct guests, be a point person for questions and vendors and so much more…I needed someone to take care of all of the projects that I worked so hard on.

A DIY bride needs more help on the wedding day than a non-DIY bride. Sounds kind of contradictive, I know – but it’s true!

DIY Wedding Wands(From ElseaChelsea)

I have coordinated many weddings where I spent many hours on the wedding day putting together the bride’s perfect wedding based on her own DIY projects. If a coordinator isn’t doing it – who is? Let your mom and sister and aunts enjoy the day as well – coordinators are pros at this stuff.

Make sure your coordinator knows about EVERY project and thing that you’ll be handing over. No coordinator needs a “surprise – I also need you to pluck 100 blades of grass and arrange perfectly into these vases” on the day of. Choose someone who gets your style and vision – so you know it’ll be done how you want it.

If you’re a DIY bride – make sure your hard work pays off and is protrayed perfectly on the big day!

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Photo by Amelia Strauss, taken from

Even if you are a big fan of irony, you probably don’t really want rain on your wedding day – a la Alanis Morissette. So make sure you’ve planned for some back ups if you’re risking weather for your wedding. If you have any part of your wedding day planned to be outside – please plan an “in case” back-up.

A lot of venues that have outdoor options often also have an indoor option. Make sure it’s in your contract and discussions that if weather is not acceptable for the outdoor portion of the wedding, that they are keeping an indoor option available for you. Don’t be afraid to ask! Think through all of the things that could happen at your venue and make sure that it is what you want for your location (weather options, multiple weddings in one night, private/public, etc.).

Another huge thing to remember in terms of weather is your photo location(s). Even if you have already booked an indoor wedding and reception – make sure that you and your photographer have enough photo locations available to you away from the elements. If you’re looking for some other options than the venue itself, consider the following…

  • Art galleries
  • Libraries
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

With all of these types of locales – just give them a call ahead of time and tell them your scenario. Find a few spots near to your wedding location that have some fun, unique, fabulous areas/backdrops for photos. Talking with your photographer about where they’ve shot before or their opinion is a great idea. Most of these places would be glad to help out and may even want to use the photos by the photographer. Don’t be afraid to ask – having a back-up is very important!

Photo from Offbeat Bride

Wedding Planning Help

Bride Support’s main mission is to help brides across the US with their wedding by offering virtual wedding planning services. These services are a la carte and help brides out when they need it, with what they specifically need help with. Our main client is a bride who doesn’t want to hire a full-on planner, just needs a little help along the way. And we love doing that!

We have found, however, that we also would love to help out the brides who DO want a full-on wedding planner. So we are proud to announce the Bride Support has now added on a complete wedding planning package! This full-service planning package offers brides the opportunity to have Bride Support by their side for the entire ride. We help plan your entire wedding through many great ways and resources – check them out here.

Additionally, due to this being a new service we’re offering, we’re offering this package at a GREAT price…only $600!

Full-service planning is offered to brides across America. Our network of wedding professionals make us able to help brides in every market – and we love doing that! Brides who live in Minnesota (where we are) are certainly able to meet with us in person, etc., as well.

So contact us today to get started on your wedding planning with Bride Support!

Virtual Wedding Planning

Congratulations, bride! It’s your time and it’s an exciting one, for sure!

Planning a wedding is a wonderful, wonderful experience that you won’t soon forget. Hopefully you’re enjoying parts of it – but we know it can be overwhelming. That’s what we’re here for.

Wedding planning help is on the way!

Bride Support is a virtual wedding planning service to get you the personal wedding help that you need…when you need it. Confused about your timeline? Not sure how those centerpieces will work? Need someone to let your MOH know her duties? That’s where we come in. Wedding planning connoisseurs that are on your side.

So let us get to work and you get back to enjoying your engagement.