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My Boogie Shoes

You know what your “boogie shoes” are. That perfect pair that never show signs of wear, that make you look your best and oh yeah – never seem to hurt no matter how many times you’ve spun around the dance floor.

Your wedding day is no different. Make sure you’re not only picking the perfect pair of shoes for your dress and wedding style – but make sure they’re a pair that will last all day and night for you.


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Oh, sure, you could throw on slipper or flip flops at the end of the night…but REALLY? Is that the classy bride you want to be? Spend some extra time finding the perfect pair that can stay ON your feet and keep you looking fabulous the entire day.

Check out these foot comfort tools to make your shoes even better for your feet. Choose from their many options, including sole inserts, ball-of-foot cushions and heel cushions. Lots of great options to grab up for yourself and also your bridesmaids. Throw them into their gift bag or hand them out the morning of while getting ready. What a smart bride! 🙂


Wedding Shoe Sole Comfort
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Don’t let your shoes get in the way of your wedding style. Get the wedding shoe comfort accessories you need to stay fabulous!