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Lacie & Matt – 8/25/12

We met Lacie & Matt at a bridal show in fall 2011 where they actually won a day-of coordination package drawing we had going on! It was great to work with them and showcase our talents for such a sweet couple.

Their beautiful ceremony in Coon Rapids was at a great church – and luckily the rain held off enough to get some good pictures outside! After being united as man and wife, guests were invited to Edinburgh to celebrate – where they were greeted with a beautiful room in the navy and purple color scheme, good food and a huge terrace to enjoy the weather on. Guests sat at tables identified by different events/tickets that the couple had gone to together – a unique way to showcase your life as a couple! After dinner, a slideshow was presented and the DJ got the party going. One of my favorite moments of the night was the first dance that Lacie & Matt had worked so hard on – what a beautiful moment they had! Guests were impressed by the classy event the whole day and there were two young program attendants that seemed enamored with the process of wedding planning…maybe future planners/coordinators! ūüôā

Congrats Lacie & Matt!

The Line-Up:



















All photos by Studio 220

Lynnette & Ron – 8/11/2012

Lynnette asked for help from Bride Support less than 8 weeks away from her wedding and we stepped in to make sure the day went well!

Lynnette & Ron did one of the must unique things we’ve seen in their ceremony due to wanting to honor all of the weddings that they had been apart of in some important way. They had numerous couple who Lynnette had been a part of their wedding line up down different aisles in the sanctuary and carry ribbon wands as part of the processional. What a fun way to include those couples as examples in marriage! After a sweet ceremony, the couple treated their large group of guests to cookies and water in the church reception area before moving everyone to the reception. As guests milled about during cocktail hour, the reception room had the finishing touches on it including beautiful draping on the ceiling and behind the head table, gorgeous specialty linens, a sparkly cake and more! Guests were treated to a candy buffet after dinner, kids activity room and photo “un-booth” to keep the party going.

Lynnette & Ron put on a classy event for their large group and everyone had a blast celebrating the rest of the night!

The Line-Up:

Katie & Shaun – 8/4/12

Katie & Shaun’s wedding was a big and fun celebration of an adorable couple! The day started at a beautiful church in Forest Lake that was just right. With many friends and family around all day – the church brimmed with laughter all day.

Guests were welcomed to a classic ceremony with a giddy bride and groom who were thrilled to finally be one. After the ceremony, the bridal party continued to pictures at a farm, while the guests reconvened at the local VFW for the reception. The party welcomed their big group of friends and families with a cozy party atmosphere and lots of fun.

A favorite moment was the couple’s first dance being danced to a customized version of their favorite love song mashed with the voices of Katie and Shaun talking about each other and their relationship. Guests rang bells throughout the night to prompt the couple to kiss, and the photo booth and cupcake buffet were both huge hits. It was quite obvious that there was a ton of fun and love offered by this group – here’s to many more years of love and laughter!


Katie & Shaun wrote the following review…

I honestly couldnt have done it without Meredith. We chose to go with the day of support. She really was much more than that. If I ever needed anything she was there to help me. She put together the most AMAZING timeline possible. She made sure everything flowed together perfectly, and it did. I cant even imagine what a mess it would have been without her, she thought of so many things that I NEVER would have thought of. I couldnt recommend her more!


The Line-up:

All Photos by Imagen International

Stacie & Mike – 7/7/12

Stacie came to Bride Support after about a year’s worth of planning when she started realizing that she’d spent a lot of hours planning a day that she wouldn’t have much control over. She wanted us to step in, make sure she was dotting all of her i’s and crossing all of her t’s and to make sure that her day went exactly as she was envisioning. And we did just that!

Stacie was a dream bride to work with – very thorough, communicative and we had everything wrapped up with her 2 whole weeks before the wedding! Working in advance pays off, people! ūüôā

Stacie, Mike and their families were a super sweet crew to work with and help out. They planned a spectacular wedding weekend for their guests and truly made their guests feel taken care of. From the welcome reception, groom’s dinner cruise to the decadent wedding and send-off brunch – Stacie & Mike pulled out all of the stops.

It wasn’t only Stacie & Mike’s “the one that got away” love story that made their connection obvious. Their love for each other was evident in every word spoken during their sentimental ceremony and every dance they shared throughout the reception. They took time to include lots of special details that were truly them – instead of just obligations for a wedding day. Their guestbook was Stacie’s grandmother’s china pattern – which held a special spot in her life, they lit a memorial candle and had a special reading in regard to it, their boxer dog was the maid-of-honor, they made recipe books as favors (with their e-pics included!) and then got another favor from Mali (the dog) on their way out. The decor transformed the space, the food was out-of-this-world, and guests could not stop gushing all night.

What a grand event to be a part of…we’re so honored to have gotten to help!

Stacie & Mike wrote the following review…

“There are not enough words to describe how AMAZING Meredith is. I planned my whole wedding down to every single detail, so I didn’t need help with the execution of the plans, but I we DID need someone to make sure everything went off without a hitch. Meredith was the best decision we made. She is so detail-oriented and organized and she thinks of everything. We met several times throughout the time leading up to the wedding and she triple-checked every note she took from our conversations. She knew who everyone was the day of the wedding and responded IMMEDIATELY to my every question or concern.

She was a source of calm for me from the moment I met her until the last centerpiece was picked up off of the tables after the reception. We were SO impressed with the way she made everything flow and how she remembered exactly how I told her everything should be set up and executed. Throughout the night, if we stopped to look for her, she was at our side in an instant…her constant, watchful eye was always on the VIPs (my groom, my parents, his parents and the wedding party) in case we needed anything.

The only thing that I was bummed about was knowing we were done working together. She is not only good at her job, but she’s so much fun to work with. I would look no further! She is the BEST in the business!”

The Line-up:

Bridesmaids signed the bottom of the brides shoe to be her “something blue.”

Guests signed pieces of the Bride’s grandmother’s china for the couple to display in their home.

Bridesmaids in white! So chic!

The pairs of Groomsmen and Bridesmaids had matching herbs incorporated into their flowers to fit the kitchen/food theme.

The couple set up pictures of loved ones lost and burned a candle at a memorial table during the ceremony.

As part of their ceremony, the Bride & Groom sealed away love notes and a bottle of wine for them to open and replace with new love notes and wine on their anniversary.

The couple’s dog was the Maid of Honor!

Personalized cookbooks – including kitchen engagement photos – as favors at the place settings.

End-of-the-night favors from the dog – chocolate dog bones.

All photos by Amy Majors Photography

Holiday Special!

Your DIY Wedding

I was a DIY bride through and through. You should have SEEN my living room a month before my wedding. It was craft after craft, bags overflowing, half-done projects, etc. OVERTAKING my living space. It was out of control. But I loved it.

We made all of our paper suite (STDs, invites, menu cards, programs, escort cards, signage), church decor, centerpieces, out-of-town bags, reception decor, the list goes on and on! It was the perfect way to make our wedding unique – while saving a few bucks – and really making our wedding personal by having so much be home-made. We loves spending our Saturdays perusing stores for the perfect paper and making our projects just perfect.

But then I realized it. How on Earth was all of this going to get taken care of properly?

(From Style Me Pretty)

With so many “add-ons” and little things to set out, hang and place – there were a lot more things on the “to do” list on the wedding day. Sure – florists handle the flowers, musicians show up and play, the bakery brings the cake…those vendors handle themselves for the most part. But what about everything else?

That’s when I realized I needed a day-of coordinator.

Not only did I need someone to run rehearsal, keep people in line on the day of, help direct guests, be a point person for questions and vendors and so much more…I needed someone to take care of all of the projects that I worked so hard on.

A DIY bride needs more help on the wedding day than a non-DIY bride. Sounds kind of contradictive, I know – but it’s true!

DIY Wedding Wands(From ElseaChelsea)

I have coordinated many weddings where I spent many hours on the wedding day putting together the bride’s perfect wedding based on her own DIY projects. If a coordinator isn’t doing it – who is? Let your mom and sister and aunts enjoy the day as well – coordinators are pros at this stuff.

Make sure your coordinator knows about EVERY project and thing that you’ll be handing over. No coordinator needs a “surprise – I also need you to pluck 100 blades of grass and arrange perfectly into these vases” on the day of. Choose someone who gets your style and vision – so you know it’ll be done how you want it.

If you’re a DIY bride – make sure your hard work pays off and is protrayed perfectly on the big day!