Wedding Wednesday – Polka Dot Wedding

Nothing is as fresh, classic, fun and summery as polka dots! I love them – so cute, great in many colors and an easy motif to use throughout your wedding. From invites to signage, decor and even groomsmen ties…polka dots are easy to find, utilize in your wedding theme and keep things flirty and fun.

Polka Dot WeddingLeft top – Photo Card Chef, left middle – My Cleveland Wedding, left bottom – Fashion Z Home, Right – Leann Johnson Designs

Weddings on a Budget

We all know that weddings can quickly overtake the checkbook and budgets can be blown without any effort at all. Brides everywhere are always searching for tips on how to have weddings on a budget. There are tons of ways to do things for less money than what you see on TV, the magazines or your second-cousin’s trust-fund wedding.
Wedding on a Budget
The top 3 most expensive wedding culprits to be aware of are the following…
  • Guest List.
    The more people that are there – the more people you have to sit, transport, feed, send mailings to, etc, etc, etc. Be very careful of how many people you put on that list! Get a feel for how much it takes to feed a person a plain chicken dish and send an invite to in order to get a feel for how much money you can spend on those things. Get a guest list from both sides’ parents and from you and your fiance – then whittle it down! And then whittle some more! Seriously, keep whittling.
  • Food.
    The food and beverage bill from your caterer or venue is a figure you better get used to now. This is the single most thing that will eat up majority of your budget – and also is one of the biggest things to do your research on in order to contrast and compare. From appetizers (passed or stations) and salad to buffet or plated dinner and late night snacks – the food and beverages you serve (not to mention the tax and gratuity involved!) will directly affect your budget in a big way.
  • Venue.
    Getting married in a field behind your grandparent’s house versus a metropolitan library with a cascading staircase and vaulted ceilings can make all the difference with your budget. Choose wisely how to weigh your budget – whether you want to put your money towards a staircase or food for your guests or your dream dress. There are a million places to tie the knot and have a party – and they all have their own sticker price. Decide what’s important to you and what “musts” you have on your list of what you need. If it’s a church – find a church, if it’s a field – that’ll work too!

If you start from the beginning with a few key elements to help your budget come in smaller than others – you could set yourself up for a pretty awesome budget-friendly wedding. Here are some ideas…

  • Day of week.
    Having your wedding on a Friday night is a great idea to save some money. It’s become very popular and guests are a lot more used to this possibility than they were 5 years ago. Food/Drink minimums drop on Fridays, room rental are cheaper and vendors might even give you a break in order to book another wedding on that weekend. Keep in mind that this will only be a huge price difference during peak wedding season in your area. Another day to remember is Sunday – venues give deep discounts for Sunday weddings. These work great for any theme or time of day and don’t forget – Memorial or Labor Day weekend could be perfect for this since all of your guests would have Monday off…it’s like a second Saturday! Having an April or May wedding could allow you to have a Saturday wedding for the same price as a Friday during July. Even moreso – vendor prices are usually cut by at least 15-20% during “off season” weddings.
  • Time of day.
    Have you thought about having a wedding outside of the typical 4pm with dinner/dance idea? A great way to mix things up, have a unique/memorable wedding as well as save some dough is to have an early afternoon wedding where the ceremony is at 1:30 or 2p with an hors d’œuvre and dessert reception. These can be super fabulous with pretty table scapes, signature drinks and a light-hearted atmosphere. Or another idea could be a 6 or 7p ceremony with an elegant, late night feel. Since it’s after dinner time, people aren’t expecting a full meal and again – you can get away with hors d’oeuvres and dessert only.
  • Venues.
    What kind of venue are you most attracted to? Do you have a specific theme or feel you are drawn to for the overal idea of the wedding?The most budget-friendly venues are going to be outside – be it a family or friend’s backyard, a garden, a farm/barn, or an outside tent. But there are a few hotel banquet halls, restaurants and random buildings that have good prices too. The real costs occur in the food prices and minimums. Because of that, you should be comparing something similar on everyone’s menu (say, champagne chicken entree) to be able to tell whose food is more expensive than the other. One venue might have $18 chicken but have a $1k room rental whereas another place might have no room rental but $22 chicken. The best bang for your buck will usually come in a venue where you can have the ceremony and reception at the same place. Whether that means the ceremony in one room or outside and the reception in a banquet hall – it’s usually a better deal pricewise. This is, of course, a huge benefit for your guests as well. But plenty of people don’t like that because they want to get married in a church or somewhere specific.

It’s important to think through the general, overall things that could affect your budget from the beginning before you get into the gritty details. The number doesn’t get any lower as you continue planning and get closer to the wedding – so make sure you’re thinking it all through from the beginning in order to have the wedding on a budget that fits you!

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Obligatory Royal Wedding Recap

No wedding planning blog is complete without a recap of the royal wedding – so here you are, my dears. 🙂

I, like many others, woke up bright and early to watch the British Royal Wedding. It was well worth the lack of sleep while working the next day – it was oh so fabulous and SO much fun to watch.

At first, it was hard to get past the fascination that many Americans have with the British culture – the accents, the polite demeanor and of course…the fascinators and hats!! The designer hats and perfect fascinators were SO much fun to see. With fascinators being a big trend in weddings lately, they were a welcomed sight to see everywhere.

And then there was Kate…

Timeless. Classic. Flawless.

With our first glimpse of her riding in her car, we saw her lace dress with sweetheart neckline underneath and we all gasped collectively. We knew it would be gorgeous – but we still had to wait till the car ride was over to see it in its entirety. Her hair and makeup were perfection – she had done them herself – and her beautiful tiara atop her loose waves was lent to her from the Queen. She wore beautiful drop earrings that were a gift from her parents and bore their family crest, carried a simple bouquet of flowers including “precious William” – awwww! Princess Kate seemed so genuinely happy, excited and nervous. She was made for that moment and we all couldn’t help but get butterflies in our stomach along with her as she approached the church. As she arrived at the church, she stepped out and we saw her full dress – in all of it’s glorious, lacy beauty. Full skirt, long train, lace – made for a princess. And she began her walk to her Prince.

Her sister, Pippa wore a stunning, figure-loving, white gown which surprised people as a “no-no” but ultimately was decided it was so chic, fresh and obviously…royal. 🙂

The ceremony was perfect, of course, and romantic. The couple seemed so giddy for each other – stealing little looks and giggles here and there. My favorite parts were the Harold trumpets and orchestra! The couple exchanged simple, gold bands, made their vows and took a private moment in an adjacent chamber to sign their marriage certificate. William and Kate kept their composure the entire time – amongst the nervousness and publicity – they never wavered or even cried!

After leaving the church, they – in true royal fashion – rode a carriage to the reception site where they would start the rest of their lives together.

The grandeur of the whole event was so enthralling to watch. Everything was so regal and every girl’s dream. Here, here to the Princess and Prince!

Wedding Wednesday – Nautical Theme

Ahoy, Mate!

I have a deep love for everything nautical. So fresh, clean, classic and just plain lovely. You really can’t deny it, amirite? And as much as I dream of living in the Northeast, with the ocean smell filling my being…I don’t. But you can have a nautical wedding no matter where you live! The keys to this theme are definitely the little elements that make it feel like you’re in Maine. But it’s also mucho important to make sure that you’re giving the correct ambiance of “nautical” through your venue(s), food and decor. Bon Voyage!

Nautical Theme Wedding(Top L-R: Heather Parker,, AlannaHRose
Bottom L-R: Cuff Crazy, The Demoiselle, Perfect Bound Blog)

Let Them Eat Cake…Off of Pretty Stands!

DIY Cake Stand

Lovelies – I’m in love with this DIY project.

I’d seen it done before on blogs, but had never attempted it myself. Luckily, a friend wanted some help making some – so I finally got to witness the awesomeness first-hand. We made DIY cake stands!

My friend, the bride, is serving cupcakes at her reception, from a long table full of cake stands. A cupcake buffet, if you will. In addition to marking the different flavors of cupcakes with cute little pendant flags – she wanted a vintage feel with the stands. In order to achieve this look, she decided to DIY the stands by glueing candlestick holders, goblets and vases to the bottom of various plates in order to make the perfect variety of cake stands. Fabulous!

DIY Cake Stand(

She found a bunch of these items at Goodwill and the Dollar Store – which really ups the “budget-friendly” rating and we worked to find the perfect pairings for weight distribution and prettiness. 🙂 She got some strong, industrial glue and we all went to work gluing.

DIY Cake Stands(personal photo)

After letting them dry for 72 hours, they’re perfect and ready for wedding cupcake-y goodness! Hoorah!

Check out these beauts…

DIY Cake Stand(

These stands are perfect for cupcakes, cakes and all sorts of desserts that you are serving. How will you be displaying your wedding reception dessert goodies?

Wedding Themes Wednesday

It’s time to start a regular post that you can look forward to on a weekly basis – Wedding Themes Wednesday.

Now, don’t get me wrong – not every wedding has to have a theme. Don’t feel like just because your wedding isn’t completely centered on one key element that you’ve done it all wrong. TOTALLY fine! My wedding, for example, had no theme. *Gasp* I know right? I just chose colors, a feel and went with it and ended up with a black, white and green (Kate Spade green, to be specific :)) semi-formal springtime wedding. And it was fabulous.

Anyway – back to Wedding Themes Wednesday. Today we start with the ever popular…peacock theme wedding. Enjoy.

Peacock Wedding Board

(From upper left hand corner and clockwise: ShopzLot, HubPages, Wedding by Color, Katelyn James Photography)

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