Stefanie & Josh – 5/25/2013

Stefanie & Josh came to me with not much time left before their wedding – needing some help pulling it all together, making sure they had thought of everything and of course – making the day run smoothly. We worked quickly and efficiently together to firm up their plans and details and the day was gorgeous, indeed!

OK – so the weather was a bit windy and cloudy, but that’s OK…what matters most is that they got married! Guests waited until the last minute to take their seat in the outdoor amphitheater and the ceremony went on. With a friend officiating – the wedding was personalized and romantic and perfect for the couple. Guests filtered back inside after the couple dismissed them from their seats and cocktail hour and dinner began in the gorgeous Carlson Towers Rotunda. Guests enjoyed the yummy meal, funny speeches and filling out advice mad-lib cards for the couple to read later on. What fun! The DJ got the party going…and party they did.

Congrats, you two! 🙂

The Line-Up:

Venue – Carlson Towers Amphitheater and Rotunda
Caterer – Bon Apetit
Cake – Buttercream
DJ – Instant Request
Hair Design – Ficocello’s Hair Salon
Flowers – Michelle Anderson
Photography – Manary Photography







071 (2)

098 (2)

099 (2)

100 (2)

117 (2)

121 (2)



171 (2)





All Photos by Manary Photography

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