Lynnette & Ron – 8/11/2012

Lynnette asked for help from Bride Support less than 8 weeks away from her wedding and we stepped in to make sure the day went well!

Lynnette & Ron did one of the must unique things we’ve seen in their ceremony due to wanting to honor all of the weddings that they had been apart of in some important way. They had numerous couple who Lynnette had been a part of their wedding line up down different aisles in the sanctuary and carry ribbon wands as part of the processional. What a fun way to include those couples as examples in marriage! After a sweet ceremony, the couple treated their large group of guests to cookies and water in the church reception area before moving everyone to the reception. As guests milled about during cocktail hour, the reception room had the finishing touches on it including beautiful draping on the ceiling and behind the head table, gorgeous specialty linens, a sparkly cake and more! Guests were treated to a candy buffet after dinner, kids activity room and photo “un-booth” to keep the party going.

Lynnette & Ron put on a classy event for their large group and everyone had a blast celebrating the rest of the night!

The Line-Up:

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