Katie & Shaun – 8/4/12

Katie & Shaun’s wedding was a big and fun celebration of an adorable couple! The day started at a beautiful church in Forest Lake that was just right. With many friends and family around all day – the church brimmed with laughter all day.

Guests were welcomed to a classic ceremony with a giddy bride and groom who were thrilled to finally be one. After the ceremony, the bridal party continued to pictures at a farm, while the guests reconvened at the local VFW for the reception. The party welcomed their big group of friends and families with a cozy party atmosphere and lots of fun.

A favorite moment was the couple’s first dance being danced to a customized version of their favorite love song mashed with the voices of Katie and Shaun talking about each other and their relationship. Guests rang bells throughout the night to prompt the couple to kiss, and the photo booth and cupcake buffet were both huge hits. It was quite obvious that there was a ton of fun and love offered by this group – here’s to many more years of love and laughter!


Katie & Shaun wrote the following review…

I honestly couldnt have done it without Meredith. We chose to go with the day of support. She really was much more than that. If I ever needed anything she was there to help me. She put together the most AMAZING timeline possible. She made sure everything flowed together perfectly, and it did. I cant even imagine what a mess it would have been without her, she thought of so many things that I NEVER would have thought of. I couldnt recommend her more!


The Line-up:

All Photos by Imagen International

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