Angie & Mike – 9/24/11

Angie & Mike came to me towards the end of their wedding planning when they realized they needed someone to tie it all together and help them see the big picture. Their adorable adoration for each other was evident from the beginning and it was a true pleasure to help their day unfold as they had envisioned. Angie was a very organized and on top of it bride – so she made it easy to help and Mike was easy to please by his desire for his bride to be happy (a good man!). They invited their guests to an intimate autumn wedding outdoors at Majestic Oaks and a gorgeous reception inside. Their color palette was beautiful for the day, their friends were a blast to celebrate with and their personal touches were so cute.

The Line-Up:

Angie & Mike wrote the following review…

“Meredith, you were the best, we would not have gotten through our day without you! We were able to ENJOY our wedding day, thanks to you and everything you did. Four thumbs up!”

The table numbers were a huge hit and point of pride by the Groom himself! He labeled each table with a jersey number of an athlete from one of his favorite teams. Underneath them, he wrote stats and facts about the player. Creative idea that kept guests interested!

Chocolate favors in Bride and Groom boxes.

Photography by Bellagala.

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