Free Wedding Advice this Friday!

Every bride has questions about her wedding. What’s yours?
Every bride needs expert advice. What are you confused about?

Are you confused about your day-of timeline?
Don’t know where to find the best priced overlays?
What should you do about your overbearing future sister-in-law?

Seriously, what about your wedding has been keeping you up at night?

Well, worry no more! Help is here!
This Friday, November 18, I’m offering FREE wedding advice. You will have 15 minutes to chat with me over the phone about all of your wedding questions that are spinning around your head. Let’s get you the help you need.

Send an email to to schedule your time.
Open times for me to call you are currently as follows…

                                      12p                                            1p
                                      12:15p                                      1:15p
                                      12:30p                                     1:30p
                                      12:45p                                     1:45p

You’ll have the opportunity to pick my brain for 15 minutes, about anything related to your wedding. And it’s totally free. It’s your 15 minutes of wedding planning.

Any questions? Email me at

Noon to Two.
Be There or Stay Baffled.

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