Your DIY Wedding

I was a DIY bride through and through. You should have SEEN my living room a month before my wedding. It was craft after craft, bags overflowing, half-done projects, etc. OVERTAKING my living space. It was out of control. But I loved it.

We made all of our paper suite (STDs, invites, menu cards, programs, escort cards, signage), church decor, centerpieces, out-of-town bags, reception decor, the list goes on and on! It was the perfect way to make our wedding unique – while saving a few bucks – and really making our wedding personal by having so much be home-made. We loves spending our Saturdays perusing stores for the perfect paper and making our projects just perfect.

But then I realized it. How on Earth was all of this going to get taken care of properly?

(From Style Me Pretty)

With so many “add-ons” and little things to set out, hang and place – there were a lot more things on the “to do” list on the wedding day. Sure – florists handle the flowers, musicians show up and play, the bakery brings the cake…those vendors handle themselves for the most part. But what about everything else?

That’s when I realized I needed a day-of coordinator.

Not only did I need someone to run rehearsal, keep people in line on the day of, help direct guests, be a point person for questions and vendors and so much more…I needed someone to take care of all of the projects that I worked so hard on.

A DIY bride needs more help on the wedding day than a non-DIY bride. Sounds kind of contradictive, I know – but it’s true!

DIY Wedding Wands(From ElseaChelsea)

I have coordinated many weddings where I spent many hours on the wedding day putting together the bride’s perfect wedding based on her own DIY projects. If a coordinator isn’t doing it – who is? Let your mom and sister and aunts enjoy the day as well – coordinators are pros at this stuff.

Make sure your coordinator knows about EVERY project and thing that you’ll be handing over. No coordinator needs a “surprise – I also need you to pluck 100 blades of grass and arrange perfectly into these vases” on the day of. Choose someone who gets your style and vision – so you know it’ll be done how you want it.

If you’re a DIY bride – make sure your hard work pays off and is protrayed perfectly on the big day!

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