Let Them Eat Cake…Off of Pretty Stands!

DIY Cake Stand

Lovelies – I’m in love with this DIY project.

I’d seen it done before on blogs, but had never attempted it myself. Luckily, a friend wanted some help making some – so I finally got to witness the awesomeness first-hand. We made DIY cake stands!

My friend, the bride, is serving cupcakes at her reception, from a long table full of cake stands. A cupcake buffet, if you will. In addition to marking the different flavors of cupcakes with cute little pendant flags – she wanted a vintage feel with the stands. In order to achieve this look, she decided to DIY the stands by glueing candlestick holders, goblets and vases to the bottom of various plates in order to make the perfect variety of cake stands. Fabulous!

DIY Cake Stand(weddingwire.com)

She found a bunch of these items at Goodwill and the Dollar Store – which really ups the “budget-friendly” rating and we worked to find the perfect pairings for weight distribution and prettiness. 🙂 She got some strong, industrial glue and we all went to work gluing.

DIY Cake Stands(personal photo)

After letting them dry for 72 hours, they’re perfect and ready for wedding cupcake-y goodness! Hoorah!

Check out these beauts…

DIY Cake Stand(pepperdesignblog.com)

These stands are perfect for cupcakes, cakes and all sorts of desserts that you are serving. How will you be displaying your wedding reception dessert goodies?

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